Buying Stickler Boxed Sets - non-PayPal

Format Choices

Stickler Boxed Sets are available in two formats:

Buying For One or Many?

Two buying options are available for eBook/PDF purchase:

Please consider how you plan to use the Stickler Boxed Set before purchase.

Manual Order

(Australian Residents Only)

At this time only a manual process is available when purchasing by cheque or internet transfer/direct deposit. Please perform the following steps to ensure your order is received correctly.

1. Write down the product codes of the items you want to buy from this product list:
Individual Group Bound
SticklerBoxedSet1Bound SticklerBoxedSet1Bound SticklerBoxedSet1Bound
Stickler Boxed Set 1 -
eBook/PDF for one
Stickler Boxed Set 1 -
eBook/PDF for a group
Stickler Boxed Set 1 -
$8.80 $24.20 $15.40
Code: BS1-O Code: BS1-G Code: BS1-B

2. Write down how many of each product.

3. Calculate and write down the total cost of your order.

4. the product codes, quantities and total price of your order. Also indicate whether you'd like a signed copy.

5. Send a cheque/money order for the total amount to:

(Please include your name, address and email address)

OR use internet banking to deposit the total amount into the following account:

(Top number is the BSB, bottom one the account number. Please use "Boxed Set" in description/narrative)

6. Rest.

Once payment has been received, please allow 1 day for eBook/PDF delivery and 1 week for bound delivery.

Thanks for your order!

Can't sort it out? Need help? Please phone me on 02 9484 0547.