Stickler Boxed Sets

What are they?

Stickler Boxed Sets are collections of published Sticklers. It takes a while to assemble each one because, although they once appeared in the paper, each crossword essentially exists as a computer file with no formatting. I've had to re-create each crossword for publishing and value-add by generating clue help and solution information. Each batch should get easier to produce!

A Stickler Boxed Set consists of:

Some revisions have been made to modernise and globalise clues, making these crosswords accessible to the whole world and allowing those who came late to the Stickler to effectively enjoy new crosswords. These crosswords were only ever published in NSW - now all of Australia can experience The Stickler.

What formats are available?

What Stickler Boxed Sets are currently available?

How can I buy Stickler Boxed Sets?

The following payment categories are available at this stage:

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