Supporting The Stickler

History ===> Future

The Stickler cryptic crossword was published in The Daily Telegraph for 15 years. The Boxer in The Courier Mail and The Saturday Cryptic in The Adelaide Advertiser were published weekly for five years. I was delighted by the support shown by solvers of these puzzles after they were cancelled in July 2013 (read the stories - The Stickler, The Boxer, Tiser), and encouraged by the pledge of financial support for a crossword service through my website. To test the waters, I will commit to providing The Stickler Weekly for six months. The continuation or possible expansion of this service will be evaluated at the end of this time and will depend largely on the ongoing generosity of the solving public.

Spreading The Word

For the last 15 years I've had no real need to get publicity or to bring people to my website. Various papers have included links and the published crosswords themselves generated traffic. That's all gone. I need all those people who solved my crosswords to join the cryptic party, and new people to get involved too.

Find out how you can be a Stickler Sympathiser here.

Investing in the Future of The Stickler

Please invest as you see fit - maybe when you solve a great clue, think of me. Support needs to be ongoing for the whole thing to work, so please consider this when investing. The Stickler Invest button will lurk to remind you, but some kind of regular jogger noted on your calendar would be great.
Internet Banking Transfer/
Direct Deposit
Please use the following banking details
Please me your contact details

Top number is the BSB
Bottom one the account number
Cheque Please send to the following address
Enter your own amount
Australian residents please use Internet Banking Transfer/Direct Deposit if possible.
Overseas residents must use PayPal.

Any questions, suggestions or feedback about investing, please