Courier Mail Boxer Cryptic cancelled

If you’ve been doing The Courier Mail crosswords during the week, you probably guessed that my Saturday cryptic would be affected. Due to changes by News Ltd that impacted the puzzles all four metro papers, The Courier Mail Boxer cryptic will no longer be published.

I’ve had a great time (hopefully) entertaining you and will miss not writing one of the few, new, Australian, 15×15 cryptics in News Ltd publications.

Unfortunately, this loss, along with others associated with this change, means my crossword business is no longer viable. I was able to turn a hobby into a business, but publishing has changed, and it’s time to move on. Some work remains and will continue, but not enough to make ends meet. I want to thank you, the solvers, for coming along with me on an amazing journey, and News Ltd for giving me the unique opportunity to earn a living from just writing crosswords.

I’m faced with a career change at 51, with crossword-compiling skills and rusty IT skills to offer. I’m methodical and a stickler (don’t you know it!). If anyone out there has a job for me, I’m up for just about anything (contact me).

Many thanks to all,

David Stickley

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10 Responses to Courier Mail Boxer Cryptic cancelled

  1. Wendy Manuel says:

    thank you for giving myself & my neighbour hours of relaxation. Good luck in the future David.

  2. Lesley Wilkinson says:

    Thank you – I have enjoyed doing your crosswords. I feel very cross that the Courier Mail is no longer publishing The Boxer or Guardian crosswords – my mornings are not the same any more!

  3. Cathy Comiskey says:

    Peeked inside the C-M today just in case there had been some mistake (hadn’t discovered this site). No, still no Boxer. So I picked up the AFR instead! Sent feedback via email on Monday but it has gone unacknowledged. I won’t be buying the Courier again.

  4. Ian Drewett says:

    Hi David,
    Thank-you for taking over from Southern Cross so seamlessly, and the challenge and enjoyment you have given me over the years. I have voiced my disappointment twice to the Courier-Mail, with zero response. The Courier has been dumbed down so much in the past few months, perhaps you could see if they would be interested in a colouring-in or a join-the-dots. Just a suggestion. All the best for the future, IanD

  5. Cathy Lockyer says:

    Your cryptic crossword was the main reason I bought the Courier Mail each Saturday. It’s just not the same without that crossword each week! My sister and I only discovered them at number 192. But, for 66 weeks, we bought the Saturday Courier Mail and spent many enjoyable hours working on the crossword separately and then puzzle through the “hard” ones together over the phone. Even when one of us was away, the other would make sure that we sent the crossword through so we didn’t miss out. If you’re looking for a job, have you considered publishing all your cryptic crosswords in a book. I know your crosswords were so popular with so many people who are missing them like we do, surely a book of your crosswords would be popular – I know I’d buy it. Whatever you decide to do in the future, I wish you all the best.

  6. Richard Sternes says:

    I’m almost 70, came to cryptics later in life, have derived immense pleasure from your puzzles; Oh the joy of solving the very first one and I have been getting better and better as the years rolled on, even keep back copies and revisit. You’ve taught me everything I know about cryptic puzzles. I have voted with my $2.00, no longer buy the Saturday Courier. Good luck, very best wishes for whatever the future holds and many, many thanks for the wonderful memories.

  7. Jay says:

    The Boxer cryptics were the best. Please publish a book of all the ones you have compiled.

  8. Monty NorthLakes says:

    David, I am sure that I am no different from many others with buying the Courier Mail just to get hold of your Crosswords, Best of Luck fro the future.

  9. Jeff Smith says:

    Last week, did the crossword from the AFR for the first time since you got “discontinued” by the Courier Mail.
    It was like catching up with an old friend!
    From now on it’s the AFR on Saturday.
    Thank you for pointing me in the right direction and once again best wishes in your future endeavors.