Australian Crossword Club

The Australian Crossword Club (ACC) provides amateurs and professionals opportunities to solve and set crosswords for a knowing audience. Members’ crosswords are published every month in the club’s magazine, Crozworld, and feedback from the membership on past crosswords also appears, allowing budding setters to hone their skills. The ACC hosts a crossword forum, and annual get-togethers are organised across the country.

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  1. Ian Ramsay says:

    We have a local Cryptic Croosword Club and get involed in setting and solving Crytic Crosswords. Great fun with like minded people. Would love to be involved in The Australian Crossword Club. Ian Ramsay (Adelaide)

    • Stephanie Page says:

      Hi Ian
      I live in Adelaide and am interested in the local cryptic crossword club you mentioned in your blog of February 12 this year. Is it open to anyone to join, or is it just your ‘nearest and dearest’? I am interested in details if that’s appropriate.
      Stephanie Page

  2. Fran says:

    Please can you help with only clue we can’t get for 4582 ….21 down….. Nan almost died coughing up one in order. Many thanks.

  3. Clever Clues says:

    If you like crosswords, you’ll enjoy playing Clever Clues, a new Australian, crossword-inspired game for iPhone and iPad.


  4. Gareth says:

    Hi Clever Clues,

    Will you be releasing this on Android anytime soon?

    It sounds great!

  5. Rob Milton says:

    G’day David,

    I’m devastated for you. My daily routine has been turned upside down, and I feel for you and your wife. Will she still be doing the Big One in the Tele? I will be making my complaints loudly to the feedback section of the Tele, but if it fails then there’s no purpose buying it, as your crossword was the only decent thing in it (apart from the Big One). Hope to see you again at the ACC dinner late this year.

    As you may remember, I am at St George (I refuse to say I’m employed by Westpac now). Not a great place to work, the IBM outsourcing is a mess, and we are being decimated at the last decent in-sourced banking system in the country. If there is any opportunity, I’ll be glad to let you know.

    Regards, Rob Milton
    Mainframe Operations Analyst
    The Dragon Factory

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