3 Weeks To Go

Only 3 weeks to go until the end of my 6 month commitment to provide a weekly Stickler. How time has flown. I’ve been slowly making improvements to the website and working on other (unpaid) crossword projects, but by far the most time has been spent trying to reach Australia’s (and the world’s) cryptic crossword community. It’s almost an impossible task as previous fans of The Stickler, The Boxer and The Tiser cryptic simply don’t know my website exists and are unlikely to come across it by chance.

I urge you all to retell your friends and family, send emails, put up a notice at the local club, Twitter, stick a post on Facebook – whatever you can think of, to get the word out.

To find out how the be a Stickler Sympathiser, click here:

Hopefully, through a large number of returning visits, some will either give to support the continuation of The Stickler, buy a Stickler Boxed Set or maybe purchase an app.

Some recent website additions:

1) The (limited edition) Stickler Cap is now available for purchase. Click here for details:

2) The Stickler Weekly online version now has a SAVE option so you can partially complete the puzzle and return another time to finish.

A reminder that with every solution post I write some concise cryptic comment usually related to a recent crossword clue or as the result of a request through the blog.

Some of the topics covered so far:

Cryptic definitions
Linking words
Obscure words
Grid Structure

Click here for a list of the solutions:

and look through them for my ramblings.

If you’d like some aspect of cryptic crosswords explained or want my thoughts about a particular device etc, feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll do my best to include a response in a future post.

If you’ve been enjoying the Stickler Weekly and haven’t yet made a contribution, please consider doing so here:

If you want something a little easier then the Stickler Weekly (with website help and full solutions), consider buying Stickler Boxed Set 1 here:

I write The Stickler for you, so please take advantage of the website to get involved. You can also email me directly with comments/suggestions or you can use the website. Remember, you don’t have to leave your real name on the site but you must use a real email address if you want me to respond personally. Your email address does not get published on the site, and no-one but me has access to it.


The Stickler

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One Response to 3 Weeks To Go

  1. Pam McHarg says:

    Thanks for your news. I have forwarded on your email in the hope you might get some extra business. Good luck!