Stickler Boxed Set 1 Now Available

Hi Puzzlers,

There were many requests for a book of puzzles at the time The Stickler was axed from The Daily Telegraph. A number of people stated that they were late in discovering the puzzle, so they would be interested in buying a collection of published puzzles.

I’m pleased to announce the release of Stickler Boxed Set 1, a collection of 25 published puzzles from 2004. I intentionally started with this era as my style was well established and I am still happy with the puzzles. Some clues have been modernised and globalised to appeal to a wider audience, but the majority of clues remain untouched. These puzzles were originally only available to people in NSW, Australia, so will be new to everyone else.

To add some value, I’ve included clue help for all the puzzles on my website, and worked solutions that will be especially useful for those who are learning cryptics or teaching others the art of cryptic solving.

I’ve set up some simple buying options, and there’s an choice to buy for one person or for a group so you can copy it and distribute to friends, solving buddies at the club, or in a community college class etc.  Stickler Boxed Set 1 comes as an eBook or in bound form.

Each boxed set takes a while to assemble as it has to be formatted from scratch. The next one is in the pipeline, and there are more to come.

To learn more about and buy Stickler Boxed Set 1, click here, use the menu above, or click on the icon to the right of this post.


The Stickler

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3 Responses to Stickler Boxed Set 1 Now Available

  1. Bhavan says:

    For those prices, you are as good as giving them away David.

    Thanks for the continued fun. I have something to look forward to over the Christmas break.


  2. Greg Mansell says:

    Hi David

    During the Stickler Weekly hiatus, I’ve finally started on the boxed set. Based on the evidence of the first two crosswords, I have to say that your current Sticklers are noticeably more challenging than those of 10 years ago.

    However, any Stickler is better than no Stickler, so I’ll certainly be buying all future boxed sets. It will be interesting to watch the development of your style.

    I must agree with Bhavan: your prices are very generous.


    • David Stickley says:

      Yes Greg,

      The Stickler Weeklys are designed to be a bit tougher than the daily fare that used to appear in the paper. Difficulty is hard to get right, since it’s different for each person, but the general aim is to make the difficulty align with the time people have to solve it. A daily puzzle should be mostly doable on a train ride or over lunch, and must be finished by bedtime as the solution and next puzzle are looming. The Stickler Weekly isn’t written to last a week, but should leave solvers with at least a couple to nut out after an inital burst of solving.