The Stickler Holiday Special #1

Here’s a crossword I put together about 5 years ago as a holiday special. I couldn’t convince any paper to run it so it’s been sitting around on my old website all this time. It is possible that you may have come across it via a search or a posting that appeared on David Astle’s website 4 years ago.

Due to its nature, it’s only available in PDF format. There are no clue hints for this one – you’ll have to fly solo.

Download it here:

The Stickler Holiday Special #1


(Solution will appear next week)

The Stickler

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6 Responses to The Stickler Holiday Special #1

  1. Greg Murray says:

    Thanks for that David. A nice change from the usual. I enjoyed it. Perhaps you could do another one on Anzac Day, but that would be five fewer clues! Regards Greg.

  2. Michael Kaiser says:

    Got everything except the “Mass gathering mounted election” answer because I can’t find a word that is D_L_O_. I think “mounted” should be ON and the answer should be a word that means “election”. Am I on the right track here?

    • David Stickley says:

      Hi Michael,
      You have the right crossing letters. The definition is “mass” (in a fairly nondescript sense) and “mounted” is a reversal indicator (for a down clue).
      Hopefully that will get you over the line.



  3. Michael Kaiser says:

    Thanks. I had the right word in mind but didn’t really equate it with mass because it usually refers to a rather small amount but now realize that “mass” in the strictest sense can actually be very small ( e.g. a “mass” can be a very small tumor). Thanks for letting me sleep tonight and thanks for doing what you do.

  4. Michael Kaiser says:

    Not to be snarky but “photo session for a mannequin” would have been an easier clue for me.

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