The Stickler Revisited No. 3024, 1/12/2007

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The solution to this puzzle will appear next week.

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11 Responses to The Stickler Revisited No. 3024, 1/12/2007

  1. Arthur Maynard says:


    RE your post this morning.
    Notice is “ad” drain is “tire”. So notice dropped in drain is

    • Lloyd Seaton says:

      Many thanks Arthur. David certainly comes up with some unlikely synonyms.

      • Arthur Maynard says:

        A friend described this as a vitriolic diatribe. As a child I often heard lectures (worse than the strap) but never a tirade.

  2. Steve Ball says:

    I managed to finish this inside half an hour in more-or-less numerical order, only needing to double back to fill in a couple of answers. I guess that means I found it easy, but that could just as easily come down to me having ‘a good day’ as anything about the puzzle. I’ll be interested to see how the rest of you find it.

    • Patrick Lewis says:

      I also finished this one in record time. Kept on expecting to get stuck sooner or later but never really did. No new or longer words and fairly straightforward, neat clueing, so yes, easier than usual for me. I liked 11a best of all and presume ‘lashings of’ in 24a refers to a great amount of, thus taking care of a missing ‘e’.

      • Arthur Maynard says:

        Patrick. Thank you for solving the parsing of 24a. I was troubled about how to dispose of the extra “e”.

        I was stuck in the south west corner, but perseverance paid off.
        My likes this week
        9a. I had to check the dictionary for the meaning of one word.
        11a I like mine neat
        6d Well crafted
        19d. I struggled with this one, but it was so easy in the end.

  3. Richard Sternes says:

    So it’s not just me – all done in record time – by 10am.
    Either David has got Tougher, or I’ve got Smarter – OR Both.
    May need to revisit Archives for another Fix this week.

  4. Greg Mansell says:

    Not too tough for me – but I’m sure I’ve found some of the more recent Sticklers to be easier than this one. Maybe I was having an off day.
    1a: interesting surface reading
    6a: I always enjoy a golf reference
    9a, 11a: I’m with Arthur
    16a: elegant wordplay
    24a: I liked “also known as”
    2d: I enjoyed the double use of “wrongly interpreted”
    13d: nice definition