The Stickler Weekly 149

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The Stickler for this week is now available. Please select your preferred solving format.

The solution to this puzzle will appear next week.

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The Stickler

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2 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 149

  1. Greg Mansell says:

    Hi David,

    I’m still in catch-up mode, and I’m confused about 9dn in Stickler Weekly 145:

    Is “unenlightened” = DARK, and “state” is the definition? In which case, what’s the purpose of “European”?

    Or, is “unenlightened state” = DARK, and “European” is the definition? In which case, how does “European” = DENMARK?

    Or, is this a cryptic clue of a type I’ve never seen before, and “European state” is the definition?


    By the way, we’ll be contributing to your Seven Bridges Walk. I’ve been intending to do the walk myself. One of these years, I’ll get around to doing the necessary training.

    • David Stickley says:

      You are quite right Greg, that’s a mistake on my part. I clearly need to add something to make it work. Sometimes the brain works ahead of the typing fingers. “European country men…” makes more sense. One of the perils of doing it all by myself – a checker would have picked up the mistake easily.