The Stickler Weekly 222

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The Stickler

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2 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 222

  1. vinyl1 says:

    Quite a tricky puzzle – took me nearly an hour. It may be I have to get used to the style, as it is a little different from both the Times and the Guardian.

  2. David Stickley says:

    Hi vinyl1,

    Thanks for popping down under and having a go. I’ve read a few of your Times blog posts and comments – really glad you took the time to check out my weekly cryptic. Did you come via the Guardian blog?
    My style is a little different, but easy to get used to. I’ve stripped away elements of UK cryptics I don’t like and tried to stay international, relying heavily on language and simplicity of construction, rather than trickery. After more than 7000 published cryptics it’s rather formulaic but hopefully my work still presents a challenge to solvers.