The Stickler Weekly 231

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The Stickler

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One Response to The Stickler Weekly 231

  1. Jane Morgan says:

    Hi David.

    After a 3 year hiatus on cryptics I wanted to start again and found this site. Thank you SO much! I started at the front working back, but that was too awkward, so I just went back to July 2013 archive to go forwards, and have got through 2 years in a couple of weeks (I’m just a bit OC). I can feel my brain getting stronger again and it is good. I am needing less electronic thesaurus and anagram things, for what they were worth (not a lot really), and more often than not now can almost complete all by myself.

    I like your raves, explanations and examples, though I didn’t mind those ‘soft’ puzzles you referred to back then. They were really fun to do with a friend and knock off a week’s worth after dinner and a drink or three.

    So far my very favouritest of your clues, I think, much as I appreciate so many, but this made me laugh out loud when I got it, and often since, was: “Small like a bee” = STINGY.

    Is English the only language where cryptics work, because it is such a bizarre language, with way too many homonyms and homophones etc?

    Thanks again