The Stickler Weekly 234 Overseas Help

Welcome all cryptic crossword solvers.

Some cryptic crosswords are tough purely because local lingo is used and not understood by all, especially those living outside of Australia. This post seeks to fill this vernacular gap.

The clues listed here may contain a component not familiar to all outside of Australia.

(click on the clue number to see the inside information)


Like to add something I’ve missed to help others, or comment on a meaning, term or expression? Please leave a reply below.

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One Response to The Stickler Weekly 234 Overseas Help

  1. Greg Mansell says:

    28-across: This only works as a sounds-like clue for those who speak a variety of English in which the letter “r” isn’t explicitly sounded at the end of a word. For example, most people in Australia, New Zealand and England pronounce the word “soar” the same as “saw”. This clue works for them.
    However, most people from North America, Ireland and Scotland pronounce “soar” as something like “sorrr” – distinctively different from “saw”. This clue doesn’t work for them.