The Stickler Weekly 241 Overseas Help

Welcome all cryptic crossword solvers.

Some cryptic crosswords are tough purely because local lingo is used and not understood by all, especially those living outside of Australia. This post seeks to fill this vernacular gap.

There aren’t any extra hints needed this week.

Like to add something I’ve missed to help others, or comment on a meaning, term or expression? Please leave a reply below.

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2 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 241 Overseas Help

  1. Steve Klugman says:

    I am an American in my mid 60s. 2-down is an expression I’ve never heard. The dictionary says it’s British; it’s certainly not common in the U.S.

    • David Stickley says:

      Thanks for this information Steve. I generally check all words for their usage around the world, and sometimes I make assumptions that turn out to be wrong. In this case though, I did check the answer and found it in the Random House Dictionary. There’s no mention of it being regional or British, only that it’s slang, which could mean it doesn’t have widespread usage. I’ll update the Overseas Help soon to reflect this.

      Thanks again.

      The Stickler