The Stickler Weekly 29

The Stickler Weekly is a little different this week. It’s a puzzle that I was working when I found out about The Stickler’s demise, and has sat unfinished for 10 months or so. It has some unusual words that hopefully can be sorted out through the wordplays.

The Stickler for this week is now available. Please select your preferred solving format.

The solution to this puzzle will appear next week.

  Clue Hints for The Stickler Weekly 29
  Overseas Help for The Stickler Weekly 29
  Solution to The Stickler Weekly 28
  Invest in the Future of The Stickler

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Request help in the Clue Hints blog entry so all can see.

It’s a weekly crossword, so please don’t give/discuss any full answers until the solution is posted (such posts will be deleted/edited).


The Stickler

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3 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 29

  1. Robert Balic says:

    It was very difficult this week. I had switched computers 3/4 of the way through and still struggled with what I had done a few days before. Some of the definitions were very tricky (17d).

    I still don’t get 16d.

  2. Beth Harfield says:

    1a has been my stumbling block this week. I’ve been banging my head on the wall all week to no avail. Come on Monday!

    Happy Easter.

    • Greg Mansell says:

      Yes, I was stuck on 1ac for ages. Is it giving away too much to say that it’s one of the unusual words that David mentions above? Luckily, my beautiful and very clever wife came to the rescue — she happened to know the word.

      I reckon this has been the toughest one yet. My favourites were 30ac, 4dn, 8dn, 13dn & 17dn. I particularly liked the definitions in 4dn & 17dn.