The Stickler Weekly 43

The Stickler for this week is now available. Please select your preferred solving format.

The solution to this puzzle will appear next week.

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  Solution to The Stickler Weekly 42
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The Stickler

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3 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 43

  1. John says:

    Hi David. Thanks for this weeks puzzle. I really enjoyed it and I like that you are getting a little my obtuse/vague with your definitions. 3D and 18D are good examples. I had to go to clue hints to get 18D. When I saw the hint, it came to me in a flash. Well done.

  2. Robert Balic says:

    I can’t believe that I thought that this one would be a stroll in the park after getting 10a and 12a. Felt like I spent a couple of days running after water fowl.

  3. Greg Mansell says:

    I agree with John regarding the definitions. They’re one of the things which make The Stickler a cut above the average cryptic.

    I’d never heard of the answer to 28ac, so I was proud to work it out.

    I was particularly tickled by 9dn — especially in light of the editorial comments with the Stickler #40 solution.