The Stickler Weekly 55

I’ve done a couple of different things this week – let me know what you think.

Update (17/10/2014) : 2-down in this puzzle was incorrect and has been changed.

The Stickler for this week is now available. Please select your preferred solving format.

The solution to this puzzle will appear next week.

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The Stickler

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6 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 55

  1. Roz says:

    You are indeed a perfectionist (bold/underlined) David.

    What a fantastic puzzle. So many great clues. Not often I get it out in one sitting … if ever before?? Thank you. Roz

  2. John says:

    I have to agree with Roz. A very enjoyable puzzle. Not to give anything away but it was a different style of cluing. A bit easier than usual though.

  3. Neanderthal says:

    It was a bit easier. Is that the difference ?
    Otherwise, . . . ?

  4. Greg Mansell says:

    I’m with Neanderthal — I can’t say I noticed anything significantly different. But then, my wife says I never notice anything.

    I liked 5ac, 18ac, 4dn and 23dn — and especially 14ac and 28ac, which are up there with your best.

    I’ve got the definition and answer for 2dn, but the wordplay eludes me.

    • David Stickley says:

      Thanks Greg. Regarding 2-dn: Murphy’s law says that if I was going to make a mistake it would come just after a related spiel on the topic. In this case, I was toying with a container clue using OUNCE or NOUN and managed to create a hybrid construction. Even my solution page (which I create at the time as a double-check) has it wrong – one disadvantage of publishing so close to setting. I’ll endeavour to make a correction today.


  5. Andrew Gibson says:

    What a beauty! Although my immediate thoughts were somewhat different when I first sat down to try and solve it. You did say that it was different and indeed it is. It took me a long time to get the first few words out and I was then hoping that this change was only a one off (maybe I still do) but eventually it became so captivating that I could not put it down. I was even late getting to the pub that night. And yes I did eventually get it all out.
    Thanks again, Andrew.