The Stickler Weekly 7

The Stickler for this week is now available. Please select your preferred solving format.

The solution to this puzzle will appear next week.

  Clue Hints for The Stickler Weekly 7
  Overseas Help for The Stickler Weekly 7
  Solution to The Stickler Weekly 6
  Invest in the Future of The Stickler

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The Stickler

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2 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 7

  1. Bhavan says:

    Looks like I was hasty in labelling the previous week’s puzzle as being on the easy side. Quickly brought down to earth with today’s! Took a lot longer but finally happy to have completed it.

    Several nice clues. Especially liked 10d. If I have to nitpick, I’d say 22d didn’t allow me to put down the answer until I had the crossings.

    Thanks David for the continued entertainment.

  2. Greg Mansell says:

    We knocked it off in one night — which is our PB for the Stickler. We liked 27a and 28a.
    I reckon cryptic crosswords would have been a valid inclusion in Todd Sampson’s “Redesign my Brain”. A Stickler a week really seems to keep the synapses firing.