The Stickler Weekly 88

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The Stickler

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6 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 88

  1. Neanderthal says:

    I did the NS puzzle in the SMH this morning and it seemed quite amateurish. I did this Stickler 88 an hour later and it just confirmed how bad the SMH puzzles are.

    NS had some ideas that just needed a different word here and there that would’ve made a ‘passable’ clue.
    But one can see an actual craft, thought and attention in Stickler clues. There was not one clue that made me even start to think something was amiss. From 1ac to 27ac, it was excellent. A joy to solve.

  2. Neanderthal says:

    p.s. can you put a timer on these Sticklers ? or a leaderboard ?

  3. afrit says:

    Thanks for the reminder that you are back on line.
    Overall an enjoyable puzzle.
    24a Where is the definition? Italian? Italian what? Pasta does not equal Italian. Italian food, yes but not Italian by itself.

  4. David Stickley says:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I think it’s common for food of a particular style to be described in such a way – Chinese, Thai etc. My references suggest you can use Italian to mean Italian food or an Italian meal. For example, The Macquarie has this entry:

    /i’talyuhn, uh’tal-/.
    1. of or relating to Italy, its people, or their language.
    2. a native or inhabitant of Italy.
    3. a Romance language, the language of Italy, official also in some cantons of Switzerland.
    4. Colloquial food cooked in the Italian style.

    The Stickler

  5. afrit says:

    I stand corrected. I note my Chambers includes “an Italian restaurant or meal (inf).”

    As an afterthought, given the Italian connection, wouldn’t “grappas taste” have been a more appropriate phrase?


  6. Richard Sternes says:

    Only one more sleep David, but just so you know I’m paying attention
    pretty confident (but not totally) of 1d & 2d – but therefore will be interested to see 13a
    my answer seems totally unrelated to the clue.
    27a really had me in a whirl!!!