The Stickler Weekly – New Solution Structure

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was changing the solution posts by separating The Stickler Weekly Solution from the crossword spiel that acccompanied it. This is largely to make the spiel more accessible and shareable, as I believe the work I put into this is largely missed by most visitors. As time goes on, I’ll convert old posts and adjust links etc, and add tags which will allow solvers to search for topics they are particularly interested in.
From now on you’ll notice some colourful squares featuring logos of popular social sites at the bottom of each crossword spiel (now called Stickler Weekly Insights) – if you belong to one or more of these sites and you want to share, just click the square and post to that site. Note, if you click to share and you aren’t registered, you’ll need to sign up in order to share (don’t do this just for me).

The Stickler

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