The Stickler Weekly – One Year Down

One year down. How many to go, I wonder? The crossword landscape in general in Australia hasn’t changed at all over the last year and newspapers continue to be published, albeit in a very skinny form. I’m always looking for opportunities to get back into another newspaper, but openings are few and far between. I’ve had a little IT consulting work, but that has completely dried up now: my IT days seem over. My Australian Crosswords site that hosts The Stickler Weekly has seen some growth since the 6-month report, but nothing that makes me believe extra energy on my part would yield much improvement.

Here are some stats:

  • Average unique website visitors – 4500 per month (up 1500)
  • Number of people who contributed (over the last 6 months) – 8
  • Number of people who bought a Boxed Set (over the last 6 months) – 9
  • Average number who solved each Stickler Weekly (by downloading a PDF or solving online) – 200

I’m pleased with the growth in unique visitors and more people are doing the Stickler Weekly, but contributions haven’t matched these increased numbers. If you gave initially and are still solving on a weekly basis, or have started using my crosswords in crossword classes/solving groups, please consider a fresh contribution. I believe The Stickler Weekly puzzle, clue hints, worked solutions, and my weekly cryptic comment is the best value crossword stuff around.

I’ve been receiving 1000 spam posts per day, which are largely dealt with through a blog plug-in, but choke the website, use up space and bandwidth, and distort statistics. So it’s now no longer possible for you to comment on anything posted more than two weeks ago which isn’t a real problem as the general comment page is still available and protected by captcha. My email address is obviously still working for any crossword-related queries. This imposition shouldn’t inconvenience many as only a handful of people are regularly leaving comments.

Don’t forget to look at the Stickler Weekly solution each week to get your free dose of cryptic comment, and add some comments of your own. To see previous solutions (and cryptic comments), just scroll back through the posts, click on Solutions under The Stickler Weekly from the menu, or select Stickler Weekly Solutions in Categories on the right hand side of the blog.

I can’t seem to shake the urge to keep writing crosswords, so I’ll be continuing with the Stickler Weekly and its website accompaniments for as long as you’ll have me. If a miracle happens and I get a real job, crosswords may have to take a back seat.

How you can help at the moment:

Thanks for doing The Stickler Weekly. Year two starts next week.

Best and thanks

The Stickler

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7 Responses to The Stickler Weekly – One Year Down

  1. Richard Sternes says:

    good evening David
    Disappointed and very, very surprised that I’m one of so few (modest) cash contributors.
    Wish there was some way I knew of to give this enterprise a real boost for you, but I’m bereft of ideas.
    Just wish that more people realised what a absolute treasure you provide for us here.
    Can only continue to wish you all the very best & thank you once more for the hours of pleasure you bring me.

  2. Roz says:

    I second everything that Richard said.

    I’m a die-hard fan of David Stickler. The Stickler is without doubt the best puzzle ever and each week it seems to get better. I love the clues … the way they tease my mind and heighten stimulation … too difficult to describe the pleasure gained from solving each one. David you truly are a genius. I hope you gain as much delight creating them. I wish you all the best.

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  4. Andrew Gibson says:

    I am amazed at the low number of supporters that you have. I always make sure that I get to the newsagent early on Saturdays in fear that I may miss out on getting a copy of the Weekend AFR, and that costs me $3.50.
    Come on people, get real, David is a genius at constructing crosswords, his clues are always simple once you have worked them out, even though it may be a long road in getting there.
    But isn’t that the fun that we seek? Two or three hours of solving on a Saturday for $3.50 (and a free newspaper), or the same on Sundays for free. It can’t go on forever unless more people are prepared to assist financially.

  5. David Queale says:

    Re #52 I’m stuck on 7D. Is it to do with buoy?
    I’ve been enjoying The Stickler and the AFR x-words for a while, so my week is quite cryptically consumed. It keeps my 80 year old brain from sludging up and an occaisional new word to learn is fun. I’ts been fun so I’m sending a small donation to mark the jubilee.

    • David Stickley says:

      Thanks David.

      Think of “pool” as a source of water. “shed” is used just as you see it.


      The Stickler

  6. David Queale says:

    Sorry! Gave you a wrong steer. I was refering to 7D in Stickley #53 not #52.