The Stickler Weekly R&R

Due to continuing ill-health including a shoulder problem that restricts my ability to type, I’m planning to take an extended break from unpaid crossword work to achieve a proper recovery. During this rest period I will be reassessing the future of the Stickler Weekly as numbers continue to decline and have reached a level that makes me question the time and effort needed to keep it going. I know there’s more I could do in the way of promotion and asking for links from other crossword sites, but it all takes time which I seem to have less and less of these days.
I know some of you will be bitterly disappointed by another break but I have nothing to offer in the interim that doesn’t require significant time to set up. I have no stock and published Stickler puzzles are kept in a raw format that requires quite a lot of work to put into the format used on this site.

The next Stickler Weekly won’t be until July 1 by which time I hope to be fully recovered and the future will be clearer.


David Stickley.




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8 Responses to The Stickler Weekly R&R

  1. joy says:

    Sorry to hear you are still unwell.
    I’ll miss my weekly stickler “fix” but you need to take care of yourself..
    Wishing you a speedy recovery

  2. Michael Kaiser says:

    Get well soon. How can we help support the site?

  3. Wendy says:

    I hope you recover quickly, I shall miss my weekly fix too, as I did when the Advertiser cut your crossword.

  4. Greg Mansell says:

    Thanks for letting us know David.

    Looks like I need to start buying the Weekend AFR. How does it compare with The Stickler?

    And can you recommend any other regular cryptics?

  5. Andrew Gibson says:

    All the best David, and I wish you a speedy recovery.

  6. Julia Pannell says:

    Look after yourself.

  7. Richard Sternes says:

    Really hope that you can find the way thru, David. Missing my weekly ‘fix’ too.

    In the meantime what about “Stickler Weekly Revisited”
    is it possible to just load them up, restarting from No. 1.
    Two years on we all have probably forgotten most of the tricks you’ve taught us!

    I for one would be more than happy to revisit all those AH! HAH! moments of recent years.

  8. Richard Sternes says:

    must be in reflective mode this am. – another thought

    I’m no expert but what about some sort of Google search or such like
    that came up with “The Best Cryptic Crossword Ever”