The Stickler Weekly Status April 2016

The stats recently have been better with over 200 solvers tackling the crossword via PDF or online each week. It’s clear to me that real growth can only be achieved through encouraging other (crossword) sites to link to mine, and to that end I have undertaken the job of building a comprehensive links section to add to my website. Launching soon.
Healthwise my shoulder is still not fully functional and a cause of much frustration. I’ve stopped doing part-time computer work for a local business as extensive time in front of the computer isn’t good for my shoulder’s recovery. The small amount of crossword “work” I have left is as much as I can handle at the moment.
I recently visited Sydney Uni’s Crossword Society where there is a group of young, dedicated cryptic enthusiasts keen to learn. We did an informal Q&A for two hours and they are keen to have me back. We went round the group and all members acknowledged the role of a family member or friend in introducing them to cryptic solving. It’s so important for experienced solvers to pass on their knowledge to the younger generations so cryptics can survive. Please talk to your sons and daughters and even grandchildren, encourage them, and get them interested.

Please consider making a contribution if you continue to enjoy The Stickler Weekly especially if you haven’t made one for a while. Overseas and local solvers can use Paypal and local solvers can also contribute using direct deposit.

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One Response to The Stickler Weekly Status April 2016

  1. Maggie says:

    I continue to enjoy the crossword each week and encourage other members of the Bundaberg U3A Cryptic Crossword Group to try them out. I know a couple who have risen to the challenge. Nearly finished this week’s puzzle – four to go in the bottom left hand corner.

    Wednesdays wouldn’t be the same without the ‘Stickler’ to look forward to.