The Stickler Weekly Taking a Week Off

The Stickler Weekly is taking a week off due to illness. I’m on a tight production schedule and a bout of sinusitis has provided no time to get it done.

Thanks everyone for your continuing support.

The Stickler Weekly will return next week.


The Stickler

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5 Responses to The Stickler Weekly Taking a Week Off

  1. Richard Sternes says:

    get well soon David
    to paraphrase one of your other devoted followers
    & re your comments with last weeks solution – “what he said”

  2. Tony says:

    Feel for you. Take care and look forward to your welcome return.

  3. Richard Sternes says:

    further thoughts David
    Notwithstanding the Boxed Set, times like this have you ever considered having on stand-by a catalogue of earlier puzzles, may further test us, perhaps even take us to places we have never been with you!

  4. Braze says:

    Richard, why not have a go at some of the cryptics from The Nation while we’re waiting for David to recuperate? They’re linked at Since they’re American, they hew more closely to the Ximinean ideal. You might also try the National Post puzzles from Cox and Rathvon (American constructors, Canadian newspaper). Falcon blogs them at

  5. Richard Sternes says:

    Just noticed this Braze. Many thanks.
    Wouldn’t be traitorous would it? Nah, guess not!