The Stickler Weekly Turns 100

This week I published The Stickler Weekly 100. If I was being published in the SMH/Age, this crossword would mark almost 2 years of work. In terms of The Stickler that used to appear in The Daily Telegraph, it would mark only about 4 months work. Milestones used to come every 1000, just over 3.3 years worth of daily contributions. When I look back I don’t know how I did it, especially as The Stickler was just one of the many puzzles I used to write regularly. There’s no doubt my mind operated at a different level back then as writing crosswords was my livelihood and a daily routine established a repeatable working pattern, both physically and mentally. I was highly motivated, keen to bring experienced crossword solvers something to chew on and newbies something to chip away at. I saw my daily puzzle as accessible to all and hoped that its consistency would help unlock cryptic mysteries for those wanting to learn the solving art.
I don’t know what I actually achieved in my 15 years of professional crossword writing, but I don’t think a lot has changed in crossword-solving land. Two years on, and I have to admit I struggle to complete the relatively small amount of crossword work I have left: the enthusiasm is waning, the brain just ticking over and energy levels are low. It’s a different world as a hobby crossword writer, an unstructured one with little reward and no prospects. However, I do enjoy the personal messages and occasional blog posts of encouragement, and these keep me going.
I want to thank all those who believe in me and those who have contributed in any way in the past. I don’t know if there will be a Stickler Weekly 200, but for now I’m taking it one puzzle at a time.


The Stickler

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2 Responses to The Stickler Weekly Turns 100

  1. Matthew hawkins says:

    I only buy one paper a week and throw it out except for your artwork in the cryptic.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am a true devotee and hope that gives you some reward for your efforts.

    To kill mother is Sydney landmark (6) still makes me laugh uncontrollably. Look forward to next weeks afr crossword and to as many more as you can create.

  2. Steve Ball says:

    I very much look forward to my weekly challenge and curse the Tele that there is only per week.

    Steve = : ^ )