The Stickler Weekly Unfortunate Break

On Saturday the 15th of December, really bad weather struck our area of Sydney. Power was lost, and didn’t return until the following Monday night. However, the NBN network was badly damaged. Luckily I had already completed last week’s Stickler, so it went ahead as normal. Unfortunately I’m still without internet, landline and pay TV, as they all run through the same cabling which hasn’t yet been repaired. I operate my work through a wired desktop PC, and I haven’t found an easy way to duplicate my setup somewhere else or hook up some kind if mobile internet service that works well with my PC. Consequently I haven’t done ANY crossword work in the last week. This means no Stickler Weekly or last week’s solution for this week. I had an email almost ready for general distribution – that’s on hold. I also had a giant Christmas Tree crossword for 2018 half written – that’s on the scrapheap. I’m told it could be another week before the internet returns – let’s hope it’s much sooner than that!

I received a number of contributions this month – many thanks to those kind people.

Thanks for doing The Stickler Weekly – it will return next week (hopefully).

Best and thanks

The Stickler

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5 Responses to The Stickler Weekly Unfortunate Break

  1. Richard Sternes says:

    Not unexpected David. Hope you are back on-air soon.
    My Plan for times of Stickler outages is back Three years.
    This time happens to be #110 – Dec 23, 2015
    & they are always as tho never seen before.

  2. Richard Sternes says:

    Thought your area was in the firing line again with last weeks shocker.
    From the long-ago, remember that when Sydney turns it on it does not hold back.
    Guess once tech. stuff is all Broke, it can’t get more Broken.

  3. Walter L. Vail says:

    David, what has happened to the Courier-Mail???
    Their new puzzle section has all but dropped your creations.
    Will these be available in some other way???
    I’d be delighted to pay for same.

  4. Sue Martin says:

    Make the most of the enforced break, David. Hope you managed to salvage a good Christmas Day out of it.

    We look forward to your next Stickler, and will play an earlier one or two in the meantime.