Stickler Boxed Set 1 for Android Devices

To really complete the media trifecta (eBook, printed and app), I’m pleased to announce that Stickler Boxed Set 1 can now be purchased as a bundle through a major crossword app that runs on Android devices.

Stand Alone’s Crossword Light is a free app for Android that allows users to buy in-app crossword bundles including the Stickler Boxed Set 1. More information can be found on Stand Alone’s website here.

To get the app, use your device to visit the Google play website here, install, then select the Stickler Boxed Set 1 in-app bundle for purchase. As with all of these puzzles, clue help and worked solutions are available on this website.

Have an iPhone or iPad? Click here.


The Stickler

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2 Responses to Stickler Boxed Set 1 for Android Devices

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  2. Greg Mansell says:

    On the subject of crossword-related apps, here are 3 which I recommend for any serious cruciverbalist. Sorry I can’t provide the exact prices — my phone doesn’t show me the prices for apps which are already installed.
    * The Chambers Dictionary — around $5 in Australia — a steal for the ultimate crossword dictionary.
    * The Chambers Thesaurus — around $5 in Australia. Very easy to use.
    * The Macquarie Dictionary — around $15 in Australia. More expensive than the Chambers, and not quite as user-friendly, but I love its non-judgemental Aussie-ness. For instance, words which are marked as “taboo slang” in the Chambers are marked as “colloquial” in the Mac. And it contains my favourite piece of Sydney slang: “as crook as Rookwood”.
    I own hardback versions of both dictionaries, but I haven’t touched them since I installed the apps on my phone.