The Stickler Weekly 154 Delayed

Due to pressing family matters The Stickler Weekly 154 AND the solution to 153 will appear next week. Again, numbers are down for the most recent Stickler Weeklys, so this extra week should give solvers a chance to catch up. For those who are bang up to date, I’m sorry for depriving you of your weekly fix.

If you want the solution to The Stickler Weekly 153 before next week, email me and I’ll try to send you the PDF version, however, I will be “off the grid” for some of the time while addressing family matters.

The Stickler

The Stickler

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3 Responses to The Stickler Weekly 154 Delayed

  1. Maggie says:

    Will miss you this week. After a three week holiday I was finally up to date. I will have to delve into the archives and do one from the past.

  2. Joe Lessit says:

    Great, I need some time to catch up.


  3. Tim Peters says:

    So did I. I find It’s hard to catch up unless there’s a break every now and then.